What We Did for EnvisionIT

In 2015, EnvisionIT requested a logo and a new website. We met with the owner of EnvisionIT. We learned that he wanted:

  1. a logo and brand
  2. a new website that was clean and professional
  3. a mobile-responsive site
  4. to attract clients
  5. to showcase his services
  6. to be found on Google

We also analyzed how they stacked up against their competition and formulated a plan:

  1. We created twenty logo designs for him to review and then customized them until we created one that worked perfectly for him.
  2. We designed his site with a professional look and feel and organized it so it highlighted his services.
  3. We created the entire site with bootstrap, a lightweight mobile-responsive framework developed by Twitter.
  4. We reworked all of their SEO features, marketed the site, ran Google adwords, and promoted it to LinkedIn to help this new company be found.

EnvisionIT Companies results included:

  1. a buyout of the company

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