Millersville Plumbing

What We Did for Millersville Plumbing

In 2014, Millersville Plumbing requested assistance with their website and digital marketing. We met with the owners of Millersville Plumbing to start the analysis process. We learned that they wanted:

  1. a website update that would highlight their brand
  2. to attract new clients and retain current clients
  3. to increase their local profile
  4. to receive social media marketing
  5. to increase their ranking on Google

We researched their competition and formulated a plan:

  1. We created a sleek new website that promoted the Millersville brand.
  2. We redesigned and reorganized their homepage and website to emphasize the differentiators that Millersville offers current and new clients.
  3. We created local profiles for each area in which Millerville Plumbing operates.
  4. We reworked all of their SEO features, marketed the site, promoted it to Facebook and Twitter, and set up and maintained Google Adwords campaigns.

Millersville Plumbing's results included:

  1. over a 33% increase in business requiring a new truck and plumber, plus they are considering getting yet an additional truck and plumber to handle the overflow of business
  2. a significant boost on Google rankings with several page 1 search rankings

Check out their full site at

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