Polm Companies

What We Did for Polm Companies

In 2014, Polm Companies requested an updated website. We met with the Owner of Polm Companies, the VP, and their marketing director to start the analysis process. We learned that they wanted:

  1. an updated website that was clean and professional
  2. a mobile-responsive site
  3. to attract new clients
  4. to showcase their new properties and developments
  5. to take advantage of social media opportunities
  6. to increase their ranking on Google

We also analyzed how they stacked up against their competition and formulated a plan:

  1. The design we created showcased their properties on the large slider image on their homepage allowing an instantaneous view into the quality of product Polm produced. It also gave the site a nice "Wow!" factor.
  2. We designed the site with an abundance of photography and a mix of white, golds, browns, and blacks to give a clean look, but also powerful and professional.
  3. We created the entire site with bootstrap, a lightweight mobile-responsive framework developed by Twitter.
  4. For their communities, we set up interactive galleries of photos that allowed new clients to play with the features and select those that appealed to them.
  5. We reworked all of their SEO features, marketed the site, and promoted it to facebook and twitter.

Polm Companies results included:

  1. a significant boost on Google rankings with two page 1 search rankings
  2. a 45% increase in client inquiries

Check out their full site at www.Polm.com.

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