Seams Right Store

What We Did for Seams Right

Seams Right requested assistance with their e-commerce presence. We met with the Store's owner to start the analysis process. We learned that she wanted:

  1. an updated store with a new look & feel that better represented the quality of her brand
  2. to have better organization
  3. to increase client base
  4. to move to a whole new e-commerce platform

We also analyzed how they stacked up against their competition and formulated a plan:

  1. The design we created featured the Seams Right logo and emphasize the brand on the store.
  2. We designed the site with an abundance of high resolution photography to give a clean, professional look.
  3. We photoshopped all images to create a more professional look.
  4. We rebuilt the store on bootstrap to create a robust mobile-friendly store.

Seams Right is still in development stages. Results will be posted soon. Stay tuned!

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